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Trading Psychology

Here we continue the discussion of today's webinar "Trading Psychology". Feel free to ask any questions here for expert and presenter Klaus Ikast, or other of your fellow participants, provide your own tips, or other. The discussion is open for everyone also non-participants.

Webinar description:
Trading psychology are easily understood by reading Hans Christian Anderson's fable The Emperor’s New Clothes, 1837. A small child, who didn't understand the apparent necessity for presence, piped up 'But he has nothing on!'. The bubble of presence burst and soon all the onlookers were repeating what the child had said, whilst the king continued the procession, attempting to maintain his dignity by pretending that nothing had happened.
We believe in order to be a successful investor, one has to dare to bet against the consensus. The consensus is the price! Do you acknowledge your mistakes? You learn from mistakes not from success. You have to change your mindset – How do you know that you are right. Why do you trade.

See the recording of this webinar below:

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